Get the Most out of Your Holidays

Everyone is excited for the busiest time of the year. Are you going to overdose on too much of everything? With Thanksgiving approaching, we are all excited to break out our extra-large eating pants. Mom and dad are preparing all the favorite foods for their family while we prepare for the eating frenzy.

Our team at CORE Physical Therapy has only 1 request of you during this busy season; Make the most of your holidays without breaking your healthy and active routines.

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s only cover a few days, with the additional parties here and there. However, because of these few days, we take two months off our health and wellness goals, pushing them to the new year “resolution season”.

CORE Steps to Success to Conquering the Holiday Over Indulgencies

Of course, enjoy food and cheer with family and friends. However, with that said, try following these steps:

1. Start the day with activity: Stay or start with being consistent. You do not need to start with a 2-hr workout, and eating broccoli and water. Instead, start your day with 15-20 minutes of stretching and exercises. By the end of the exercise, you will have started with a small win that leads to another small win, which helps in building healthy habits. One easy option is to join us for our therapy and exercise classes for just $10 per class or $69 a month for unlimited classes.

2. Eat Smart: Keys to healthy eating don’t always have to include knowing a calorie count of a piece of bread or the vitamins in an apple. Instead, think about portion control, meal prep, and hydration.

    • Portion control: sounds like the enemy of Thanksgiving, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Enjoy your day; just be mindful of what and how much eat.
    • Meal prepping: helps lead into the holidays. Preparing lunch and dinner keeps you from both spending money and eating unhealthy foods. Save your calories for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner by prepping the days leading up to each.
    • Hydration: start your meals with a glass of water to help you feel full. Hydration plays a vital role in energy, nutrition, and portion control. Most of the time, your belly growls, or you feel hungry; you are actually thirsty.

3. Follow the plan of care: Keep your physical therapy and fitness training appointments to reach your goals and stay on target. At the end of the day, the holidays are great, but if you don’t feel good enough to enjoy them, your friends and family can tell. Make sure you stay on track with what is definitely important in the long run.

If you need help getting through the holiday season and don’t want to “undo” all your hard work, make sure to stay on track with your therapy and fitness visits. Also, look for our holiday product specials from December 1st-24th. The team at CORE Physical Therapy wishes you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

CORE Physical Therapy, where we care about your success. Call us today at 714 870-8478.

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