A defining characteristic of CORE Physical Therapy is how serious we are about the well-being of our patients. That’s why every therapy session is hands-on, conducted by a licensed physical therapist and never an aide. Our patients deserve focused attention from trained and passionate therapists who believe it is their mission to help others recover.

Just read what some of our former patients have to say about CORE Physical Therapy:

My current level of pain is a 0! I used to have difficulty getting out of bed, putting on socks, lifting pretty much anything and bending over.  Anything using my lower back reflected pain. Now, thanks to CORE Physical Therapy, I have improved to zero pain when performing any of these activities.  My lower back is once what it was before! I thank you CORE family and without a doubt, I will be referring any and every potential clients.  Until next time…Well I hope not!

—Scott Barnett (Business Owner)

When I first came to CORE my pain level was a 7, and now it is a big zero! Before I came to CORE I couldn’t play soccer. Now I can actually play, which makes me really happy! I play varsity soccer at Fullerton High School and will now be able to play this season. I had the best experience at CORE Physical Therapy!

—Ashley Pakenham (High School Scholar/Athlete)

 A big THANK YOU to Matt Reekstin and the CORE Physical Therapy team for your professional assistance and guidance.  And thanks for putting up with me for four months of physical therapy after my bone spur surgery and eventual ankle injury of the Achilles tendon.

—Don McLellan (Fullerton Business Owner)

 I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and dislocated my right knee cap while training.  I thought I was going to be unable to train for months!  My doctor recommended me to go to CORE Physical Therapy because they can get me back to training faster than the other P.T. clinics.  CORE got me back to training after just 2 weeks of physical therapy.  The staff is great, very professional and friendly.  I’m back to training full time, and I will be competing in the Pan Ams Jiu-Jitsu tournament all thanks to the staff at CORE P.T.
—Ritchie Paracuelles (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitor)
As you may remember, I had very limited abdominal and back strength due to the chronic stress on my back from work, the general lack of exercise and the ruptured disc.  After back surgery I was afraid I may never be able to live an active life again.  I was also very concerned I would not be able to continue my work as a dentist.  I was referred to you by my surgeon and I am so glad you were able to help me. As a very fit guy yourself, I was confident you were practicing what you preached.  You were patient with my progress and able to work me through a slight setback.  You kept me focused not only with the proper treatments but also with the emotional aspects of the recovery process.  This is very important from the patient’s point of view as you may know. I have learned the value of stretching and a balanced exercise routine and I am continuing to do many of the exercises you taught me. It has been a couple of months now since my last visit with you.  I am golfing and playing racquetball weekly thanks to you.  I feel like I have my life back.
—Ty Caldwell, DDS

The CORE Physical Therapy guys are great!  They helped me after a car accident, they treated my 11 year-old son with a sports injury, and they have worked on my husband too!  My son was training so hard for US Karate Nationals that he got jumper’s knee from repetitive use. CORE worked on him and allowed him to continue to train with minimal discomfort and become a two-time National Champion!

—Beth Kraus/Adam Kraus (Mother/National Karate Champion Age 12)

Being a runner, my recovery was very important to me.  Matt and the CORE Physical Therapy team, from day one, have proceeded to get me back to my daily running routine. The attention and hands on care during my therapy is what helped the most.  Matt is a cut above as far as his personal involvement in your direction of therapy and his knowledge is impressive. What I appreciate most though is that he and his team truly care and how deeply involved they become into your specific situation. I highly recommend CORE Physical Therapy.

—Sharon Hochgesang (Avid Runner)

You’ve never known therapy like it!

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